Partner Visa

The Partner Migration program permits Australian citizens and permanent residents, as well as eligible New Zealand citizens to sponsor their fiancé, spouse, or independent partner to migrate to Australia. This visa allows you to enter or remain in Australia on the basis of your married or de facto relationship with your partner:

  • on a temporary visa (usually for a waiting period of approximately two (2) years from the date you applied for the visa)
  • on a permanent visa if, after the waiting period (if applicable), your partner relationship still exists and you are still eligible for this visa.

Your partner must provide sponsorship for you. She/he must be an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

This is a temporary visa for you to enter Australia on the basis of your relationship with your partner and then (must) marry your intended fiancé within the visa's nine (9) month validity period. You must genuinely intend to marry your fiancé. You must also genuinely intend to live with your fiancé as husband and wife.

This visa is for you if you want to enter Australia on the basis of your relationship with your partner. To apply for this visa, you have to prove a genuine relationship with your sponsor, provide full health and police checks, and show evidence that you are able to meet the sponsorships financial obligations.

Interdependent Partner:
The Australian Government has introduced changes to remove discrimination against same-sex couples and their children from Commonwealth law.
These changes extend the department's recognition of same-sex couples and their children for migration and citizenship purposes, resulting in same-sex de facto partners having the same rights and responsibilities as opposite-sex de facto partners.
As of the 1st of July 2009, homosexual couples who have a registered relationship in Australia or are living together apply for a partner visa.